About the artist:

Erik is from Long Island, NY and currently resides in Montauk. He is lucky enough to have taken his passions of photography, surfing and teaching and turned them into a career. Erik is a local science teacher and takes pride in his connection to nature, the ocean and the atmosphere and his ability to share that excitement with the youth. His first love was surfing which gave him the inspiration to want to share what he was experiencing both in and out of the water with others. As a surfer, knowing exactly what the wind, waves and weather are doing at any given moment is super important to becoming a proficient surfer especially in New York. This deep interest in science led Erik down the path of becoming a passionate science educator. On school breaks he can be found traveling to exotic locations to find perfect waves and  beautiful landscapes to photograph. Erik's work has been featured in magazines, in advertisements, and are regularly used by businesses around Long Island and New York City. In addition to his publications, last Summer Erik was the resident artist at The Montauk Beach House and ended up nearly selling every piece of art at his solo art exhibition. His focus is on residential art installation and loves nothing more than transforming a room in your home with a piece of his work!

Photo By: Rick Briggs

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